who are we?

Welcome to Everywhere! We're a close-knit group of friends and co-founders with over 40 years of combined experience in craft beer and wine. Our team—Daniel Muñoz, Jeremy Grinkey, Stefan Weber, and Keith Pumilia—came together with a singular vision after gaining valuable accolades and community-building experience at The Bruery.

Here at Everywhere, we take a unique approach to our craft. Our beers are easy to approach, highly drinkable, and accessible to everyone. But it doesn't stop at what's in the glass. Our ethos extends to the environment we've created—a place designed to be as welcoming and inclusive as our beers.

Our ultimate goal is to build more than a place to enjoy great beverages; we aim to construct a positive space where a diverse and passionate community can thrive. We value each conversation, each shared story, and each new friendship that forms within our walls.

So come in, feel the vibe, enjoy a drink, and join the conversation. After all, when you're here, you're not just anywhere—you're Everywhere.